Friday, March 26, 2010

sb10: the pictures

prior to spring break 2010, or SB10 as it will be referred to hereafter, i issued a challenge to the o-house girls: to submit one picture from their break that best encapsulated the week. other than that, there were no instructions. i have now taken the photos and created a little recap of everyone’s SB10. the photos go in ascending order of awesomeness.

6. sarah Hachmeister. i kind of forgot to take any pictures, other than a few while i was EXTREMELY bored driving to Natoma. i went home on Thursday, windows down, sunroof open, sunnies on. i drove back to manhattan on Friday, windows up, heater on full blast, windshield wipers/windows/road all covered in ice/snow. it was a perilous 3.25 hour trip to say the least.

5. jennie hull. jennie spent her SB10 moose hunting. here’s the moose she killed, jennie, and a high school boy. draw your own conclusions. just kidding. jennie went home, did a lot of sleeping in and mourning over her bird who died. also, her sister broke her collar bone. in two places. yikes.

4. keira masters. keira travelled to kcmo, where she met up with jayne long, josh tedder, kevin hubbard and yours truly. the weekend included watching ku dominate k-state, and dominating all the games at dave & busters. check out our 3000 + tickets. after her kc adventure, keira went back to Burlington for some quality time with the fam and a trip to the coat factory.

3. becca melvin. becca got to leave for SB10 early, as she went on a “field trip” to Portland, Oregon. i thought field trips were only for elementary students, but apparently i was wrong. and of course, becca would submit a super artsy photograph that makes everyone else’s look dumb. after spending some time in seattle, becca headed back to manhattan early. she was missing stu terribly. it was the longest they’d been apart in months.

2. sydney miller. what’s more exciting than going to Portland and seattle? how about going to a foreign country? that’s right, syd led a missions trip to Guatemala. she spent her SB10 building a concrete wall, hiking up mountains, perfecting her Spanish, spending quetzal and talking about Jesus with the Guatemalans.

and now you may be thinking, “what could possibly be better than spending a week in south America?”

answer: making the decision to enter holy matrimony.

1.abby trammel. SB10 marks engagement of abby trammel to kellan gregory. take a look at that rock:

the wedding is currently planned for summer 2011. that means that there’s still time for one of the other o-house girls to beat her to the altar. i mean i know it would have to be a short courtship, but THERE’S STILL A CHANCE! jk. congrats to kellan and abby! let the wedding planning begin!

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