Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MOTW (member of the week, duh): j.hull

*youngest member of the o-house, and arguably the hottest.

it’s taken some time (mostly because the o-house just recently forgave her for going home when she had the swine instead of sharing it with the rest of us), but i am pleased to announce that jennie hull is the o-house member of the week.

let’s just share jennie’s story:

it was may of 2009 and the o-house girls found themselves in a desperate situation. after a drama-filled series of events, the details of which are beyond the scope of this blog, we were without a sixth roommate. there were house meetings and super intense phone conversations with landlord dave (props to syd for handling those), and a solution could not be found.

enter jennie hull… aka the sixth man.

i first met j. hull when she and her mom came to look at the house. and i remember thinking, wow, that’s the nicest girl ever. and her mom was great too, because she LOVED the basement, which is pretty much the opposite reaction of all the other moms who have been down there. jennie signed the lease, wrote a check and we were good to go.

after living with jennie for 7+ months, i still think, wow, that’s the nicest girl ever. and also the sneakiest girl. she goes in and out that side door with incredible stealth. if i were planning to rob a house, or even a bank or train, i would consult jennie first, and probably let her in on the heist.

*clever disguise that would come in handy in aforementioned robberies.

however i can’t really picture jennie ever turning to a life of crime. she wants to be an elementary teacher. if i had to guess, i would say that she’d be the type of teacher who gave out skittles and extra recess time and didn’t’ make you feel like an idiot if you forgot the capital of Montana, or if you incorrectly spelled it "c-a-p-i-t-o-l", as i initially did in this post. and she would probably admit to you that long division is a waste of time, thanks to a clever new invention called the calculator….but that’s just a guess.

remember when jennie saved toby’s life? well, by that i mean the time that she tried to save his life, but it didn’t actually need to be saved. IRRELEVANT. the point is that she was super concerned, and she devised the brilliant (albeit unnecessary) rescue plan.

random fact: jennie hull goes to more birthday parties than anyone i have ever known. i would guess that 32% of our conversations include the phrase, “oh, i’m going to a birthday party that night.” now, granted the o-house hosts a lot of birthday parties, but jennie’s party-going is on another level.

*at a birthday party... for Jesus.

random fact #2: jennie's been pulled over like 47 times (ok, i think it's 11). but all but one of those times were because of her headlights. this has led to a fear of driving at night that rivals even my grandmother's.

awesome news about j.hull: after many, many job interviews, jennie just landed a job at coldstone. mmm. the o-house girls, like all Americans, love ice cream. we’re crossing our fingers that she gets a discount on ice cream cakes.

jennie hull: a friend to pets and people, swine flu survivor, birthday party-goer extraordinaire, future coldstone creamery employee of the millennium, and most importantly- O-HOUSE MEMBER OF THE WEEK. oh yeah, and nicest girl ever.

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