Monday, May 24, 2010

party in the O-HOUSE

oh hey friends. i bet you’re wondering what’s been happening at the o-house. and the answer is nothing. well, that’s not entirely true. word on the street is that landlord dave is redoing the floors. can i get a PTL? now if we could just do something about the driveway…

but seriously, everyone is gone for the summer. (insert sad face here.) and some of us, unfortunately, are gone a little more long term. but we’re not talking about that. we’re talking about how the o-house girls went out in style… with one of the most legendary parties to ever occur in manhattan. what’s that, you say? i’m exaggerating? take a look at these pictures and then decide.

mood lighting: check.

dancing: check.

Katie pooler attempting to evade a NINTH concussion by wearing a football helmet: check.

o-house tribute pics: check.

hottest FSHS graduates of all time: check.

boys who travelled from another state to be at our party: check.

nine hundred million pictures of jayne long pretending to be lady gaga: check.

horrified party guests: check.

super excited party guests: check.

sorority girl impersonations: double check.

keira (and maybe me) being sassy: check.

marion griffin dancing so hard and so beautifully that she was on the verge of tears: check.

Jacob starkey: check.

miley cyrus’s party in the usa: check.

yeah, it was pretty amazing. too bad you weren’t there. unless you were, in which case thanks for coming and helping the o-house girls celebrate the end of another epic year!

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