Saturday, May 8, 2010

pop quiz: how well do you know keira masters?

*keira proudly displaying her MOTW plaque. don't look too closely at the inscription.

it’s that time again (long past that time, actually)… time for a new o-house member of the week (MOTW)! this week’s lucky winner is the only remaining o-houser- keira masters!

with finals approaching, and whatnot, i thought it might be fun to have a test that doesn’t require a #2 pencil. and it’s not really a test. you could maybe call it a quiz… the point is, it isn’t very long and it’s super fun and if you know keira at all you should pass with flying colors. see below for answers and photos.

the how well do you know keira masters? pop quiz:

1. where did both of keira’s parents grow up?

a. Burlington

b. China

c. Natoma

d. Heaven on Earth

e. Both C & D

2. which fellow o-houser did keira and jayne once call the police on?

a. Bethany

b. Toby

c. Abby

d. Sarah

e. Sydney

3. what does keira want to be when she grows up?

a. a Train conductor

b. a dentist

c. an industrial engineer…. whatever that is

d. a figure skater

e. both C & D, but mostly D

4. what is keira’s favorite movie?

a. Gone with the Wind

b. Step Up 2: The Streets

c. Flubber

d. Homeward Bound

e. Trick Question! Keira doesn’t have favorites.

5. keira excels at which of the following activities?

a. taking artsy photos

b. dancing

c. making mix cds

d. life in general

e. all of the above

6. which of the following would cause keira to freak out?

a. having a key hidden outside of the o-house

b. waking up with the alarm clock in her bed instead of on the nightstand

c. a strange man hiding in the o-house bushes

d. an unusually large amount of steam in the shower that looked look poisonous gas

e. all of the above would/have caused keira to freak out

7. what is keira’s most infamous item of clothing?

a. the retro dress her uncle found in a ditch

b. a white v-neck

c. her new denim vest

d. a k-state t-shirt

e. THE purple jacket

8. what did the o-house girls say that they admire most about keira?

a. her color-coordinated closet

b. her perpetually smooth hair

c. the fact that she ALWAYS has her house key

d. her y2k-like food supply

e. all of the above

scroll down for answers.

1. E. Keira’s parents grew up in my hometown- Natoma (population < style="mso-spacerun: yes"> Despite Keira’s frequent trips there to visit her grandparents, we never met before we decided to live together. It’s a small world after all.

* the retro dress referred to in #7.

. E. Well here’s a little classic moment in o-house history: one time last year, keira and jayne were at home alone. i was at work. abby was home for the weekend. bethany was God only knows where and syd was in Oklahoma. k & j were upstairs and heard an “intruder” enter the o-house, lock the door and begin “banging things around” in the kitchen. assuming a very clever vandal had entered the premises, the girls locked themselves in the bathroom and called 911 from the bathtub. moments later, half the riley county police department had surrounded the o-house. the panicked trespasser saw an officer from the window and decided to surrender peacefully. she walked out onto the porch, raised her arms and said, “i live here.” turns out, syd came home early from Oklahoma.

*luckily, they were able to reconcile.

3. E.

*the next nancy kerrigan. (and friends.)

4. also E.

*not really relevant... except that maybe this is the face she makes about absolutes.

5. E.

6 *slow jam.

. E. i couldn’t make this stuff up if i tried.

*freak out face.

7. E.

*the hottest industrial engineer k-state has ever known.

8. E.

* super smooth hair. props to her stylist, abby trammel.

moral of the story: the o-house loves keira. congratulations on being the MOTW!

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